Shipping Method and Shipping Costs

Orders are shipped with the Hellenic Post. courier.


Shipping costs are borne by the Customer for orders under 49€ as follows:

  1. Charge 3,00€ for parcels weighing up to 2kg
  2. Charge 1,25€ for each additional kilo, per kilo. Namely:
    1. for parcels weighing from 2,001kg to 3kg -> 4,25€ (= 3,00€ + 1,25€)
    2. for parcels weighing from 3,001kg to 4kg -> 5,50€ (= 3,00€ + 1,25€ + 1,25€)
    3. for parcels weighing from 4,001kg to 5kg -> 6,75€ (= 3,00€ + 1,25€ + 1,25€ + 1,25€)
    4. and so on.



Bulky Items


The calculation of the charge for large parcels is based on volume, using the following formula:

(Length x Width x Height cm) / 5,000
e.g. 1 parcel (40 x 30 x 50 cm) / 5,000 corresponds to 12kg




For large and heavy parcels we recommend shipping with a shipping company.   The shipment is sent after consultation with the Customer – it is valid only for purchases that have been paid by credit / debit card or bank deposit.   Before sending you will be informed about the appropriate shipping costs.



Order delivery time


For orders for which there is availability of products and are registered until 14:00, their shipment is made on the same day.   Despite our efforts to be completely consistent in the indications and shipping times, there is the possibility that the availability of a product may be modified due to a delay in delivery by our supplier or for reasons of force majeure (extreme weather events, strikes, etc.). In any case, we will contact you so that you can tell us how you want us to proceed.   If you need a product at a strictly specific time, before proceeding with your order consult its availability indicator and contact us at the or 2310681044, so that you have a valid and immediate update.

Place of delivery of orders


We ship orders all over Greece.


At the moment,  it is not possible to send orders outside of Greece.