The Company

LOGIGRAF KARAGIANNIS S.A.  is a company that started its course 50+ years ago, with initial activity the production of Accounting and School Forms.


  The changes in the market and our desire for new "trips", led us to the area of notebooks, in which we entered dynamically in 2019, giving our own perspective and value to the spiral notebooks. The aim was and still is to manufacture the best spiral notebooks on the market, with innovative design and elements of safety, practicality & ergonomics.


  Logigraf notebooks can be found exclusively in bookstores in Greece and Cyprus.

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  The main advantages of our notebooks are:

  • the WireLock safety spiral, made of thick 1.20mm wire in various colors (silver, gold, black, metallic blue, etc.), which gives solidity, does not open (therefore does not cause damage or injury) and does not squint easily

  • rounded corners for greater durability and ergonomics

  • the huge variety of covers with special printing qualities that go beyond the ordinary (soft touch lamination, 3D UV processing, spot glitter, gold printing, wafer)

  • The use of special papers, which raise the quality & aesthetics.

  But we didn't stop there! Immediately after entering the field of notebooks, a new journey began, with our entry into the wonderful world of branded, authentic & special gift items.


  The result is this website. The gr, with an online presence only, and with a view to choosing authentic and quality lifestyle products, is addressed to those who love to enjoy movies, series, anime, comics, gaming, etc. and feel that all these represent much more than just entertainment.


  If you are one of those who want to accompany their everyday life with objects from beloved "heroes", then you are in the right place!


... and the journey continues ...








Members from Logigraf team at a previous commercial Fair